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High temperature nylon additive

High temperature nylon (PPA), as the name suggests, is a kind of nylon material with high melting temperature, high processing temperature and high thermal deformation temperature.  High temperature nylon includes nylon PA46, 6T, 9T, 10T and PPA, the general processing temperature from 280-350 degrees Celsius, and long-term use in high temperature environment scene.  Therefore, the above nylon materials need to solve the following problems in the process of processing and use: 
1. The thermal decomposition temperature of the auxiliaries used shall be higher than the processing temperature of high temperature nylon;  
2. Must effectively protect high temperature nylon products in the process of processing, do not produce mechanical property decay and yellowing problems;  
3. Must effectively protect high temperature nylon products in the later use process, as far as possible to reduce the mechanical properties of products decay or appearance change. 
At present, high temperature nylon needs to support the related high temperature resistant antioxidant, lubricant and other auxiliary products, which is the industry pain point. On the basis of the production of AO3398(AO1098) and H3391(S-eed), Syntholution Tech developed high temperature resistant antioxidants series like H3310 and H3311 (equivalent to Brugemann H10), H3322, H3336(equivalent to Brugemann H3336), AO3300 (Brugemann H20, Okaflex, SI Group Flexamine) , and high temperature resistant lubricant LT5598,  whose 1% thermal decomposition temperature exceeds 343℃, and customized products such as B484 for the combination of comprehensive outdoor weathering resistant high temperature nylon. 

The application of nylon materials involves production, life and other aspects, the modification of ordinary nylon materials has been common in the market, but the modification of high temperature nylon additives has been the market to overcome the difficulties.  The production of high temperature nylon has been controlled by western countries due to technical barriers, and the high processing temperature is extremely harsh for the choice of additives, so there is no good solution at home for the time being. 
At present, the comprehensive solution developed by our company, not only provides equivalent auxilliaries, which breaks the monopoly of foreign enterprises, but also innovatively developed high temperature resistant lubricant LT5598.  LS5598 can effectively reduce the molecular chain damage caused by mechanical shear in the processing process, improve the stability of high temperature nylon products in the processing process. 

Provided the solution of this project will continue to accelerate the high-temperature nylon in the field of automotive industry (structure, a thermostat, power pump shell, clutch parts, oil pump, etc.), electrical and electronic fields (connectors, SMT connectors, circuit breakers, card slot, etc.), mechanical industry (pumps and pump parts, impeller, hot water pipes, bearings, gears, etc.), daily necessities (water pump  , oil pump accessories, impeller, hot water pipe fittings, bearings, gears, etc.). 

The high temperature nylon anti-aging solution provided by our company is a comprehensive of our six years of experience in the development and application of nylon additives, and has been positively verified in the relevant modification enterprises, which can completely replace the solutions provided by foreign related enterprises. 

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