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Electric Chemicals

Electronic chemicals are high-tech products combining electronic materials and fine chemicals.  Mainly include integrated circuits and discrete components, capacitors, batteries, resistance, optoelectronic devices, printed circuit boards, liquid crystal display device, kinescope, TV, computer, tape recorder, camera, laser discs, record audio, mobile communications equipment, fax machines and other electronic components, parts and whole machine production and assembly with a variety of fine chemical material.  Electronic chemicals and downstream components are the foundation and pilot of the electronic information industry, and are at the front of the electronic information industry chain. They are the foundation for the development of terminal products in the fields of information communication, consumer electronics, household appliances, automotive electronics, energy-saving lighting, industrial control, aerospace, military industry and so on. 
With the development of technological innovation, the application of electronic chemicals has been expanded and penetrated into various fields of national economy and national defense construction.  It is impossible to manufacture high performance electronic components without high quality electronic chemicals.  To a certain extent, electronic chemicals determine or affect the development and progress of downstream and terminal industries, which is of great significance to the upgrading of domestic industrial structure, national economy and national defense construction.  During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, China must vigorously develop the electronic materials industry, speed up the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, narrow the gap between electronic materials and foreign advanced levels, and improve domestic independent supporting capabilities to provide strong support for the development of the electronic information industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out. 

Adhering the philosophy of ‘to empower advanced materials, for colorful life’, Syntholution Tech has developed electronic chemical additives for flexible and transparent polyamide in response to market demand. The main products are:



65294-20-4 6FDA is an organic synthesis intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates, which can be used in laboratory research and development processes and chemical pharmaceutical synthesis process, mainly as electronic polymer materials. Hexafluoradianhydride (6FDA) is one of the six most widely used dianhydride monomers, and also the most widely used in dianhydride monomer in colorless transparent polyimide.  Polyimide synthesized from hexafluoradianhydride (6FDA) usually has a glass transition temperature above 300°C and good mechanical and electrical properties. So far, it is still the most representative fluorinated polyimide. The end application is mobile phone folding screen, while our company has successfully promoted to the world's representative flexible polyimide manufacturers.

4,4'-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphthalic anhydride


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