Plastics Aging&degredation
anti yellowing for engineering plastics

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Oxidation and ageing reaction are prone to occur in the process of processing and use of plastic, rubber and other polymer materials ,resulting in the reduction of the material appearance impact strength, anti-warping strength, tensile strength and elongation and other properties.

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Weathering & Ageing Resistance Additives

H3344 63843-89-0 TINUVIN 144 A hindered amine light stabilizer

With hindered phenolic functional groups, which combines the properties of antioxidants and UV light stabilizer.

H3344 is recommended for applications

such as automotive coatings, coil coatings, powder coatings.

H3344 can be Especially used in PES and

Epoxy/PES systems.

H3345 124172-53-8 UVINUL 4050H A new type of multi-functional hindered

amine light stabilizer. It can be combined with UV absorber play the synergistic role, which can provide long-term protection of heat, oxygen and light resistance for the polymer.

H3345 is recommended for use in Polyolefin, PA, ABS, PET, especially the wall thickness of PP castings and fiber. This product especially can be used in the PA parts in the automotive engine.

UV3368 18600-59-4


  It is widely used in PET fiber, PET film, PET bottle to protect the contents from harmful UV radiation. Also, UV3368 can be applied in PC sunlight plate.

Furthermore, It is registered on FDA and is approved for food contact applications such as PET bottles and food wrap films.

H3388 6337-43-5 B-CAP UV3388 is used as ultraviolet light absorber, and the molar extinction coefficient reach 40.0l/mol·cm, higher than most UV-absorbers. It is widely used in most transparent plastics such as polyester/PE, polycarbonate/PC, PMMA, thermal polyurethane/TPU. UV3388 can be applied in PC sunlight plate for roofing, greenhouse etc. Furthermore, It can be used in Polyester film, fiber, PMMA plates.


AO3301 119345-01-6 Hostanox P-EPQ Antioxidants and stabilizers of polymer materials for food grade plastics, white or light colored products of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
AO3312 29598-76-3


Antioxidant 412S A low volatility and high molecular

weight thiosynergist antioxidant. It has very good synergistic effect with hindered phenolic antioxidant.

Compared to traditional thiosynergist antioxidants such as DLTDP and

DSTDP, it shows excellent stability.

AO3324 32687-78-8 IRGANOX MD1024 a kind of hindered phenolic antioxidant, and it also plays the role as metal

de-activator to protect the polymers in contact with copper or other metals.

AO3324 is highly effective in hindering the harmful effect of copper conductors upon polypropylene, LDPE, HDPE and some thermoplastic elastomers used as primary insulation in wire and cable

applications. It is also recommended for using in EPDM, peroxide and radiation cross linked polyethylene, nylon, polyacetal and other organic substrates. acceptor in polyacetal and other polymers.

LS2020 192268-64-7 CHIMASSORB 2020 A higly effective light stabilizer for PP, PE, olefincopolymer ssuchas EVA as well as blends of poly propylene with elastomers.
LS119 106990-43-6 CHIMASSORB 119 LS119 has good compatibility with resin and  could maintain the transparency and color.

It’s easily dispersed in polymer matrix.

Its thermal stability and large molecular weight make it resistant to volatilization and decomposition at high temperatures.

LS119 is FDA approved for use in medical and food packaging materials.

LS622 65447-77-0 TINUVIN 622 The products can apply to most engineering plastics like PP, PE, PVC, PC, PU etc.. It can effectively protect the product from the damage of UV light and oxygen, thus prolonging the service life of the products.
LS944 71878-19-8 TINUVIN 944
LS783 65447-77-0


LS770 52829-07-9 TINUVIN 770

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