• Coatings aaa anti yellowing for engineering plastics

    anti yellowing for engineering plastics

    In addition to photooxidation, the film forming resin in the coating can be degraded by hydrolysis, especially when the temperature of the coating is increased under high sunlight.  Under these conditions, absorbed water molecules in the coating can attack the covalent bonds in the resin and sever the polymer chains, resulting in a lower molecular weight.  Polyester and alkyd resins are more susceptible to this effect than polyurethanes and epoxies.

  • Carbon Free Radical Catcher aaa carbon free radical scavenger

    Carbon Free Radical Catcher
    carbon free radical scavenger

    The polymer is usually in an anoxic state under extrusion processing conditions, and the system contains a large number of carbon radicals rather than alkoxy radicals and hydroxyl radicals.  Therefore, the ideal processing stabilizer should be able to capture carbon free radicals effectively.  The hydroxylamine antioxidant mentioned above is a kind of carbon radical trapping agent.

  • Plastics Aging&degredation aaa anti yellowing for engineering plastics

    Plastics Aging&degredation
    anti yellowing for engineering plastics

    Oxidation and ageing reaction are prone to occur in the process of processing and use of plastic, rubber and other polymer materials ,resulting in the reduction of the material appearance impact strength, anti-warping strength, tensile strength and elongation and other properties.

  • Reactive Additives aaa reactive UV, reactive LS, double bond reactive additive

    Reactive Additives
    reactive UV, reactive LS, double bond reactive additive

    Reactive light stabilizer China’s resin (broadly defined, any polymer compound that can be used as raw material for plastic products processing is called resin) industry is developing rapidly. Product output continues to expand, and the national industrial policy encourages the resin industry to develop in the direction of high-tech products.  The variaties of China’s resin have been relatively perfect, but compared with foreign advanced counterparts, there is still a certain gap ...
  • ZJ5575


    Introduction CAS Number:2122-49-8 Chemical Name: Tri-(4-hydroxy-TEMPO) phosphite Structure:ZJ5575 is a new type of high efficiency inhibitor. Performance Benefits The copolymerization resistance of ZJ5575 is better than that of phenolic, aromatic amines, ethers, quinones and nitro compounds. Suggested Applications ZJ5575 is suitable for preventing the self-polymerization of olefin and unsaturated monomer in the process of production, separation, refining, storage and transportati...