Polyurethane additives

  • PU additives aaa PU foam, PU adhesive, PU coating

    PU additives
    PU foam, PU adhesive, PU coating

    Foam plastic is one of the main varieties of polyurethane synthetic materials, with the characteristic of porosity, so its relative density is small, and its specific strength is high. According to the different raw materials and formula, it can be made into soft, semi-rigid and rigid polyurethane foam plastic etc..

    PU foam is widely used, almost infiltrating into all sectors of the national economy, especially in furniture, bedding, transportation, refrigeration, construction, insulation and many other applications.

    Polyurethane foam is mainly applied to furniture, bedding and household products, such as sofas and seats, backrest cushions, mattresses and pillows.

    In actual production and use, these products often have to undergo high requirements of yellowing resistance and flame retardant. The company provides a variety of additives can effectively help improve product performance.