Innovative industry solution – special solutions for high-temperature nylon modification

Innovative industry solution – special solutions for high-temperature nylon modification

The production of high-temperature nylon has been controlled by Western countries due to technical barriers, and the high processing temperature is extremely harsh on the selection of additives, so there is no better solution in China for the time being.

With the breakthrough of key technologies such as adiponitrile, China’s nylon material industry has ushered in vigorous development, China’s special nylon industry has also made great progress, especially high-temperature nylon, the leading enterprise in the modification industry Kingfa Technology has developed the world’s unique high-temperature nylon variety PA9T, and successfully applied, but with the application of various high-temperature nylon varieties, the vast majority of the various types of additives involved in its processing and use process are Bruggemann, SI Group and other foreign enterprises provide, such as Bruggolen H10, Bruggolen H3336, Flexamine and other series of products.

In the face of the increasing market demand for high-temperature nylon materials, Syntholution Tech. has also firmly grasped the pain points of the industry, and launched a series of high-temperature nylon modification special solutions in China, aiming to promote the rapid development of the domestic high-temperature nylon industry.

Solutions include LT5598, a high temperature resistant lubricant with an initial thermal decomposition temperature greater than 340°C; organocopper salts long-acting heat stabilizer H3336 and aniline long-acting heat stabilizer AO3300; Yellowing resistant heat stabilizers H3311 and H3322, etc. Experiments show that LT5598 is added in small quantities, which has little effect on nitrogen-based flame retardant nylon. In flame-retardant nylon materials, the effect on the material is much less than PETS.

The main products are as follows:

  • High temperature resistant lubricant LT5598

LT5598 is a polyamide lubricant that is mainly used in the lubrication of polyamide products and is safe and non-toxic.

Appearance:Off-white powder

Molecular weight:700

Melting point:117-122℃

Ash:≤ 0. 1%

Volatiles:≤ 0.3%


TGA(10%) :380℃


  • Organocopper salt long-acting stabilizer H3336

H3336 is suitable for most nylon products (PA6, PA66, PA11, PA12, copolymer nylon), especially E/E products. It can effectively improve long-term heat aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and harsh climatic conditions.


  • Aniline long-acting heat stabilizer AO3300