Product application and market situation of transparent nylon PA12

There are many varieties of polyamide, and nylon 12 stands out for its excellent performance and wide range of applications. 

Polyamide (PA), also known as nylon, is a polymer containing amide groups in repeating units on the molecular backbone. Nylon can be made into a variety of plastics, drawn into fibers, and can also be made into films, coatings and adhesives. Because nylon has good mechanical resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and other properties, products can be widely used in clothing, industrial yarn, automobiles, machinery, electronic and electrical, transportation, packaging industry and many other fields.

Nylon downstream applications are extremely wide

Source: the official website of Lianchuang, Changjiang Securities Research Institute

The nylon family continues to grow, and the performance of special nylon is better

Nylon has a long history and a growing family. In 1935, PA66 was synthesized for the first time in the laboratory, and in 1938, DuPont officially announced the birth of the world’s first synthetic fiber and named it nylon. In the following decades, the nylon family gradually developed, and new varieties such as PA6, PA610, and PA11 continued to appear. PA6 and PA66. With mature production processes and a wide range of applications, PA6 and PA66 are still the two most demanded types of nylon products.

The development history of nylon products