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Foam plastic is one of the main varieties of polyurethane synthetic materials, with the characteristic of porosity, so its relative density is small, and its specific strength is high. According to the different raw materials and formula, it can be made into soft, semi-rigid and rigid polyurethane foam plastic etc..

PU foam is widely used, almost infiltrating into all sectors of the national economy, especially in furniture, bedding, transportation, refrigeration, construction, insulation and many other applications.

Polyurethane foam is mainly applied to furniture, bedding and household products, such as sofas and seats, backrest cushions, mattresses and pillows.

In actual production and use, these products often have to undergo high requirements of yellowing resistance and flame retardant. The company provides a variety of additives can effectively help improve product performance.

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The company could offer below PU foaming additives:

UV ABSORBER UV1 57834-33-0   Widely used in PU, adhesive, foam and other materials.
UV571 23328-53-2 TINUVIN 571 Widely used in thermoplastic PUR coating and integral foam plastics, hard plasticized polychloride,PVB,PMMA,PVDC,EVOH, EVA, high temperature curing unsaturated polyester and PA, PET,PUR and PP fiber spinning AIDS.
UV B75





TINUVIN B75 Compound UV absorbent, mainly used on PU, adhesive or PUR coating, such as tarpaulin, base cloth and synthetic leather.


  Phenol-free antioxidant, used as auxiliary heat stabilizer in PVC, improving the color and transparency of PVC products.  It can also be used in rubber and PU materials to improve the aging resistance of products.


JP333E Phenol free antioxidant, can be widely used in PVC, ABS, SBR, CR etc..

In accordance with normal industrial practice, the product should be handled with due care. Unnecessary dust formation and direct with skin, eyes and clothing has to be avoided. Ensure good ventilation and keep away from ignition sources.

The product should be stored dry and at room temperatures.

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