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Lightweight, safety, comfort and environmental protection are the main trends of the world automobile industry.  Plastic and its composite materials are important automotive materials. Using plastic can not only reduce the quality of parts by about 40%, but also reduce the procurement cost by about 40%.  In recent years, the amount of plastic in cars has risen rapidly, and the average amount of plastic in each car has reached 105kg, accounting for about 8%-12% of the total mass of cars.  In automotive plastics, polypropylene (PP) with low density, high cost performance, excellent heat resistance, rigidity, corrosion resistance of chemical drugs, easy processing and recycling characteristics in the automobile has been widely used, become the largest amount of automotive plastics, the fastest development of the variety.

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  part material

exterior trimming parts

bumper elastomer modified PP
(wheel casing, shell)
modified PP
side collision plate elastomer modified PP

interior trim part

instrument board filling PP
door trim panel moified PP or
Anti-impact copolymerization PP(ICPP)

function part

steering wheel modified PP
steering column set modified PP
cooling fan Glass fiber reinforced PP(GF-PP)
carbon tank modified PP
air filter shell GF-PP
accumulator container ICPP

Syntholution Tech, in view of the present automobile market demand of polypropylene, developes many multi-functional master batches, with polypropylene as the carrier, and performing the effect of the UV absorption and free radicals capture. These master batches can effectively prevent the plastic products in the use of light appeared in the process of oxygen aging, especially used in the series of polyolefins products such as car act the role of inside and outside. 

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